Bitter, Inc. is one of Commodity Fetish Record's flagship acts. They've released three albums on CFR to great success: "INITIATION," "The Widow's Son," "NEW ARCHITECTS," "and most recently "A Love Song (To The Apocalypse)."

     Formed in 2015 by Ryan O'Doud (The God-Emperor), Bitter, Inc was concieved of as an opera in 9 parts. Each album unfolds a story told in archetypes set to a backround of current events. Hermetic principles guide a psychological journey, as metaphor for an overarching story related to political and religious events not yet manifested.

     The act has performed in every North Carolina city, as well as several other cities on the East Coast- as far South as Lakeland, Florida, as far North as Burlington, VT, with other shows played in LA, SLC, Minneapolis, Richmond, Phoenix, Albuquerque and more.  They headlined AMERICAN BABYLON (Rocky Mount, NC) in May 2017 and June 2018, Port City ANTI-fest (WIlmington, NC) in June 2016, and ATLAntifest (Atlanta, GA) in December 2016 as well as several other prominent shows.

     Their fans love their caustic blend of Industrial, Punk, Prog, Harsh Noise, Jazz-Fusion, Avant-Garde, and Pop.

     There are two permanent members- (The God-Emperor and JC MEYERS) as well as a rotating cast of  musicians, noise and performance artists.

     The God-Emperor is a manifestation of American consumer capitalism in conjunction with ancient mystery school ideas of alchemical self-transformation. He is a Pharaoh, a prophet, and a salesman. In short, the apotheosis of perfect American manhood.

     JC Meyers is the Messiah, the sole leader of the Order of Celestial Integration, the master of all selves, the No master above all masters. He/they/she is the living embodiment of perfected religion and revolution.

     Bitter, Inc. is the vehicle through which they make profits and indoctrinate the masses, respectively.



Twitter: @Bitter_Inc_Edge

Instagram: @Bitter_Inc_Official