Welcome to the official website of Commodity Fetish Records, North Carolina's premier art-punk record label. We are a co-operative of performers headquartered at Transpire House in Rocky Mount, NC. We create, book, and promote DIY music and performance art in the New Noise & Outsider scene. O
Our annual fest- a celebration of DIY and experimentation- AMERICAN BABYLON, happens once a year in May at AMERICAN BABYLON park in Nash County, NC.
The Current members of our co-op include "The God-Emperor" Ryan O' Doud, Evan Redmond, Alex "Lex Bizzare" Deloach and Archduke Happy.           
             We publish a monthly magazine, "ISSUES," and we're always accepting content. For information on subscriptions, a FREE copy of the current .Pdf, back issues, or to find out how to submit, please select the "ISSUES" button to the left.
To order albums, merchandise, or buy tickets to AMERICAN BABYLON, click on the "CFR STORE" link to the right. All money is handed directly to the relevant artist, or in the case of co-operatively produced projects, is reinvested in the art itself.
         You can find out more about the musicians we've released in the "Artists of CFR" link. There you'll get basic bios and pictures of our acts.
We are strategically aligned with many other artists & labels in the USA and beyond. You can find their online information in the "Friends of CFR" button at below-right.
Thank you for supporting cutting-edge, socially-conscious art!